Monday, 1 June 2009

June 2009

Friday 19 June 2009
6.30pm Bridgewater Hall
Electric (Train) Counterpoint
One of the highlights of the RNCM’s Art of Sound:Sound of Art event at the Whitworth Art Gallery last year, this playful, kinetic installation brings together the music of Steve Reich and a model train set.

7.30pm Bridgewater Hall
RNCM Symphony Orchestra with Mark Shanahan
programme includes Honneger - Pacific 231

Monday 22 June 2009 7.30pm, RNCM
RNCM Composers’ Concert
works by student composers

Tuesday 23 June 2009 7.30pm, RNCM
Rolf Hind Piano Recital
works by Judith Weir, Joe Cutler, Simon Holt, Claudia Molitor and Chris Dench and others

Wednesday 24 June 2009 7.30pm, RNCM
Masterclass with Rolf Hind
Rolf Hind works with RNCM composers and pianists who have collaborated to create six new works for piano, specially commissioned for this masterclass.

Thursday 25 June 2009 7.30pm, RNCM
For You
Music Theatre Wales
Michael Berkeley and Ian McEwan's Opera