Friday, 1 June 2007

June Events

13-14 June 2007, RNCM
Brett Dean Festival

Thursday 14 June 2007, 9pm, Fuel, Withington
The Noise Upstairs
An evening of uncomposed sounds

Friday 15, Saturday 16 June 2007, The John Thaw Studio Theatre, Martin Harris Centre
KAIROS: Multimedia Theatre Project
KAIROS join forces with Drama to produce a theatre work combining specially commissioned text and visual images with live sound and sound manipulation, performed by Kairos and members of the Drama department.

Wednesday 20 June 2007, 7.30pm,
RNCM Composers' Concert
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Friday 22 June 2007, 7.30pm,
RNCM Chamber Orchestra with Clark Rundell
including works by Andriessen and Matthew Sargeant
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Sunday 24 June 2007, 2.30pm, Whitworth Art Gallery

the house of bedlam
Larry Goves (composer/electronics)
Tom McKinney (guitars/banjo)
Mark Norman (percussion)
Carl Raven (clarinets/saxophones)

music by the house of bedlam:
deaf John's dark house (soprano sax, electric guitar/banjo, percussion)
skein (alto sax, banjo, electric guitar, percussion, electronics)
sinew (bass clarinet, electric guitar, percussion, electronics)
music by other people:
Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds (a) (percussion)
Laurence Crane - three pieces for guitar (Michael Bracewell's Shades, James Duke's Answerphone, Andrew Renton's Filofax)
Paul Clay - Blink (electric guitar)
Simon Holt - Brief Candles (clarinet)

Sunday 24 June 2007, 7.30pm,
RNCM Viola Day - Evening Concert
Brett Dean - Testament, for twelve violas
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Thursday 28 June - Saturday 7 July, Palace Theatre
Monkey:Journey to the West
Adapted and directed by: Chen Shi-Zheng
Composer: Damon Albarn
Visual concept, costume, design
and animation: Jamie Hewlett
Dramaturgy: David Greenspan